For cancellations or changes please text or call the team on…

07774 314017


COVID-19 Emergency Child Care

Scamps is OPEN during the summer holidays to take primary school age children of all Frontline NHS staff & some categories of key workers. For more information on who qualifies, please follow the link below

Spaces are limited and subject to all registration forms being completed and returned.

The Local Authority (ACC) will be allocating places via the Flexibility Pathways portal to any families requiring childcare.

Please contact the council in the first instance if you need childcare. They will advise you further.

Follow this link and complete to the Registration form: ns/Scamps%20OSC/NTI=

To book your spaces please follow this link after registration is completed.

Parents MUST provide a packed lunch & should provide indoor shoes. Parents MUST drop off and pick up at the door and all children will have their temperature taken upon arrival.

Stay Safe – Stay Well 


Summer Holidays – July & August 2020

Scamps is OPEN from Monday 6th July 2020 throughout the entire 5 week Summer Holiday until schools are scheduled to return on Tuesday August 11th


Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 6pm


Mon 6th – Arts & Crafts -Stone Painting

Tue 7th – Scamps Sports Day

Wed 8th – Baking & Gardening Fun

Thu 9th – Dance Workshop

Fri 10th – Movie Day with Popcorn


Mon 13th – Science Day

Tue 14th – Girls Vs Boys Games and Competitions

Wed 15th – Survival Day and Campfire with Marshmallows

Thu 16th – Water Splash Day (bring towel, change of clothes and water pistol etc)

Fri 17th – Circus Day



Mon 20th – Viking Day

Tue 21st – Orienteering Trail

Wed 22nd – Mini Olympic Games

Thu 23rd – Water Splash Day (bring towel, change of clothes and water pistol etc)

Fri 24th – Pizza Making & PJ Party

Week 4

Mon 27th – Games Extravaganza

Tue 28th – Sea Life Day

Wed 29th – Garden Day

Thu 30th – Scamps Got Talent Day

Fri 31st – Harry Potter’s Birthday Celebrations

Week 5 

Mon 3rd – Treasure Hunt

Tue 4th – Painting Tote Bags

Wed 5th – Den Building & Campfire with Marshmallows

Thu 6th – Hand made Photo Frames OR Water Splash (Weather dependant)

Fri 7th – Movies & Popcorn


Week 6

We are open w/c 10th August for transition week into schools. We will be open from 07:30am until 6pm and priority will be given to existing service users  and children of keyworkers.

Please check with us for availability


Numbers will be strictly limited in line with current legislation


Summer Fun on Water Splash Day



***Please follow the link and fully complete the registration form**


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Our latest CARE INSPECTORATE unannounced inspection report you can download your copy HERE 


TEAM KEY WORKERS – A member of staff is allocated a group of children to make observations, interact, engage, listen to and support each child’s needs using the GIRFEC and SHANARRI approach. All children have individual care plans completed to help in their development.

If you have any questions please speak to Ruth or a member of the team at pick up time.


Scamps Snack Menu  please follow this link to view or download. There is a copy of it in the cloakroom area at Scamps. Gluten Free, Dairy Free and other food allergy and intolerances are always strictly adhered to and alternatives are offered.

STAFF TRAINING – Our staff are always updating their core training and keeping current with CPD training.

Ruth will be working towards her Level 10 in Management and Leadership from August.  Ruth has just completed Level 7 in Social Services, Children & Young People in order to build credits before starting Level 10, having previously completed Level 9 in Playwork.

Kitti, Keith and Lesley are all working towards their level 7 in Social Services, Children & Young People. Dalia previously completed her Level 7 in Social Services, Children & Young People prior to her joining Scamps

We welcome Robert our newest member to the team.

Rob worked together with Kitti and Keith in Greece, running a club to entertain and occupy the children in a 5* Hotel resort. Rob also has extensive years of volunteering with the Boys Brigade and working in another out of school club.

Please feel free to chat to Rob and ask him any relevant questions you may have.

Please take a look at the Staff Profiles page for more information.

If parents are concerned with any aspects of bullying they should speak to the appropriate adults in charge. We have an open door policy and welcome parental input, comments and communication.

The team will be updating the wall murals and photo displays throughout the year now the halls have been repainted.

Scamps are always eager to promote and encourage outdoor play, even during the winter months but especially in the Summer; so please make sure you provide SUN CREAM (it must be in the original packaging and clearly labelled with your child’s name) as well as suitable wet weather clothing and shoes for your child.