Scamps Closures 2019/2020

Scamps Out of School Clubs Ltd Closure Policy

Purpose of this Policy

The purpose of this policy is to inform parents of the likely dates when Scamps Out of School Clubs Ltd will be closed. Scamps Out of School Clubs understands that parents and carers require childcare, but members of staff are entitled to holidays and time must be allocated each year where the setting will close in order to carry out essential maintenance of the building.

Who is responsible?

It is the responsibility of the Manager to ensure that parents and carers are issued with a list of closure dates at the beginning of the school year and to ensure that this information is issued to new admissions to the setting.

The Manager also has a responsibility to ensure that if these dates change for any reason that all parents and carers are informed in good time to allow them to arrange alternative childcare.

The Manager is responsible for devising staff rota’s and ensuring that there is enough staff on duty to allow for the care of the children, the Manager must ensure that staff holidays do not interfere with the running of the setting.

How will the policy be implemented?

At the beginning of each new school year, the Manager will check with Aberdeen City Council on the dates for the school holidays, it is the policy of Scamps Out of School Clubs Ltd to operate for a minimum of 4 weeks during the summer Holidays and both weeks during the Easter holidays and the October holidays; Dates will be confirmed and circulated at the start of the New Year. Our closure policy is available to download from the link above or in our additional information section.

The service will also close on some local Aberdeen holidays and for the 2 weeks for the Christmas & New Year holidays.

The closure dates for the new school year will be issued to all parents and carers by email at the end of the previous year.