Can I just drop my son/daughter off?
NO You must first register your child fully with Scamps to be able to access the club facilities. You
will then be allocated the days requested if they are available or placed on a waiting list for days that
are full. Ad-hoc spaces are allocated on a first come first served basis where there is available space.

Do you offer reduced rates for more than 1 child/single parent?
NO Sorry. We are unable to offer discounts

What if my child is ill or otherwise absent from school?
You will be expected to contact the club mobile 07774 314017 as soon as possible to let our staff know. The school will not inform us, this is your responsibility. Please call or text before 8:00am for BSC and before 2:00pm for ASC

During HPS please inform us before 9:00am where possible.

We do not offer a refund on any unused days due to illness or holidays.

What if my child needs medication whilst at club?
We will complete an Administration of Medication form with the parent and a designated staff member will oversee/administer medication and ensure that all details are recorded and kept in the child’s file. We cannot administer any medication without a completed form. All medication will be held securely in a sealed box with the child’s name on it. Any unused medication will returned to the parent for destruction.

What if I am unable to collect my child?
You will be asked to name other individuals who you can set up as guardians to collect on your behalf. You will need to give them the same 4-digit pass code for collection. If any of these people are unavailable you can get someone else to collect by giving us prior notice giving us as much information as possible.

Please do not send an unknown person to collect your child. If this happens we will contact you for confirmation. If we are unable to contact you we will NOT release your child. This is for the safety of your child and the ongoing safety of everyone at the club.

Can I pay in cash/cheque at the club?
No All payments MUST be made online to our designated bank account. Our premises are not insured to hold cash and our staff are not insured to transport it to the bank.
We do not accept payment by cheque under any circumstances.
Paying online not only saves us in bank charges (which are horrendous!) but it makes life easier for our accounts department too.

Do you accept child care vouchers?
YES we accept all child care vouchers. We are already set up with most of the main ones but we are willing to register with others if need be. All vouchers need to be paid online to our designated account and not paper vouchers. Please refer to the Registration Section for further details.

How do you get the children from school to club/club to school?
Our staff do a walking escort to and from school. Children are paired up usually with an older child and are supervised carefully by staff for the duration. Our staff are on ratio of 1:8 or more where required and are strategically placed throughout the group for maximum safety. We will NEVER leave the school without first ensuring we have all children that are expected.

Are your staff all registered and Disclosure/PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) checked?
Yes all our staff, even students and volunteers are routinely screened with PVG Scotland and are also registered with the professional body of the SSSC.

My child is disabled, Is the club viable for wheelchair users?
At the moment we are not fully DDA compliant (Discrimination of Disabilities Act) there is a ramp at the front door and 3 steps at the rear door and our play areas extend over 2 floors with 5 steps between and without the aid of a lift. It is best to make an appointment to visit the premises and discuss your individual requirements and make your decision from there.