House Rules

Drop off for BSC is no earlier than 7:30am. If you wish your child to have breakfast they will need to be signed into club by 8:00am at the latest to allow time for them to eat for us to clear away. ALL children need to be signed into the club by latest 8:30am for us to walk them to school. This gives our staff time to close off paperwork and ensure all the children have gone to the toilet if necessary. That the children have time to chang into their outdoor shoes, put their jackets on, and have all their belongings with them.

ASC All children need to be signed out from the club by latest 5.55pm as our lease expires at 6:00pm and our insurance expires. This allows our staff to close off the paperwork and lock up. Any late collections will incur additional fees.

During HPS we only open from 8:00am and NOT 7:30am. Please do not drop off your child earlier than 8:00am as we do not have authority from our regulating body or insurance coverage.

Codes of Conduct

At the Out of School Club we all try to abide by the following Code:


We will not enter the Staff Room/Toy Cupboard without a member of staff

We will try not to:

  • Swear / fight / shout / be cheeky / nip / bite / punch/ push, pull or hit others / run whilst inside the club / use rude hand gestures / throw or misuse the club’s toys, equipment or property / hurt other peoples’ feelings / be a bully or gang up on others / be annoying / bossy / take toys from other people or make anyone feel bad about themselves / make fun of others / deliberately trip anyone up / accuse someone of doing something or make untrue accusations.
  • Interfere with other peoples games when playing
  • We will not eat/drink whilst being escorted to and from the club
  • We will not chew gum
  • We will only eat in the designated snack area at the tables and never in the quiet room/ TV room or the soft play area
  • We will not bring any personal property into the BSC/ASC/HPS.  If we do and it is broken or lost it is not the fault / responsibility of the staff or other children at the club.
  • We will not touch any electrical equipment or play with light switches
  • We will not take or remove any of the clubs property from the building

We will always try to:

  • Respect other children and staff
  • Think of our safety and not climb on tables or swing on chairs
  • We will hang up our jackets, store our bags, put on our indoor shoes.
  • We will wash our hands properly with soap before getting our snack.
  • When we have finished playing with toys and equipment, we will help to tidy them away or give it to a staff member to put away.
  • We understand that if we are asked not to do something or play somewhere is for our own safety
  • We will always ask a person’s permission before playing with the property of others.
  • We will ask permission before going to a quiet room or leaving main hall.