Who We Cater For

We are a privately owned and operated Out of School & Holiday Club catering for primary school aged children (approx. 4-12)

You are required to complete full registration in order to access the clubs facilities – please see the Downloads section where you will be able to download our PDF registration pack for completion and return.

Please ensure you use the correct postage or the Post Office will not deliver it to us.

We run a Before School Club (BSC) 0730 – 0900hrs, After School Club (ASC) 1515 – 1800hrs and Holiday Play Schemes (HPS) 0800 – 1800hrs

We drop off and collect from Mile End Primary School in Mid Stocket during term time. We cannot pick up or drop off at other times or from other schools in the city.

During HPS we happily accept primary school children from all over the City and throughout the Shire. Parents/carers are required to drop off and collect children during HPS.

If you have questions or queries relating to registration then please contact Ruth on 07792 768202 or email [email protected] for more information.